"Once upon a time I lived at Bethells Beach, on the west coast of Auckland. Every morning when I opened the curtains I was always grateful for the incredibly beautiful view – a mosaic made of pine forest, giant-sized black sand dunes, huge green humps of hills, messy waves rumbling under sky, all held tight by nothing else but a long horizon. When my house was burgled, and my computer was stolen this turned out to be a blessing in disguise – I started drawing again and I made this Valkyries horse from the clouds. (And luckily, weeks later my computer was found and returned.)"
Kimberley Renwick aka Tipsy is a graphic designer and illustrator living in New Zealand. She grew up loving black sand beaches, making huts in the bush, fishing, and horse riding in New Zealand; 
Collecting shells, jumping off rope swings, snorkeling on coral reefs and eating sugar cane in Fiji. What makes her heart sing?…She loves spending time and making things with her three amazing boys, sleeping in a tipi, roasting curry powder ingredients, sunshine and sunsets, being in the middle of nowhere, old trees, rough seas…and music – especially when you can dance outside.

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