Mihyun Kim

Annyung!(greeting in Korean) 

Hello, my name is Mihyun Kim from Busan, South Korea. 


It’s been almost a year that I started drawing again in my life. I used to draw every single day when I was a kid. Most children are excited when they got new toys or clothes, but for me sketchbook or just any paper was the best gift. Whenever my parents took me to a toy store, they often asked me to pick any toys or they picked it for me because I haven’t really asked them to buy toys with whining or crying. However, about paper or drawing stuff, it’s the only thing I asked them to buy. haha…..uh. Sounds like I was a slightly weird little girl! 



I’m not sure that I can call myself as a self-taught artist. Technically I’ve learned drawing/painting at private classes(like a group tutoring) when I was an elementary school student. But I quitted classes after months. The classes weren’t so bad, it’s just very typical like drawing a specific subject that teachers picked, gesso sculptures or nature pictures. I wasn’t really interested in those things. Before losing my interests of art, I quitted and just drew anything what I want to until junior high. 

After that, I stopped drawing for years too without any reasons. It was the time just like when you were estranged from your old friend one day. As you may experienced, however, the time has suddenly come that you miss your old friend and want to hang out just like old days again. I’m not an exception too. I thought about drawing again though, but I couldn’t try easily since it’s been so long time that I even doodled. At almost the end of 2014, I finally started drawing again all by myself. I finally met and hung out with my old friend without any thinking or concerns. Since that time, I draw abstract things, create some characters as you can see some of my works. Also I upload them on my Instagram and Tumblr regularly. So I would say maybe I’m a half-self-taught and half-educated of drawing. :D 



I don’t really think that I’m inspired by where I live or things around me actually. Although I love to see realistic drawings and paintings just exactly looks like pictures by taking camera, I prefer drawing abstract things or create comic characters. Just draw things that pops up in my mind. I didn’t meant to, but most works are slightly dark because I drew many many lines with various black pens. Some friends of mine often asked me whether or not I have something wrong, and they worried about if I need psychological help. lol well, unlike their concerns, I love my life and appreciate all things and people around me. I just prefer drawing with black pens and abstract drawings are the better thing I can. I think it’s a kind of my style for drawing. :) 



Most athletes have jinx or lucky charm, strangely I do have a specific cafe that I prefer to sit and draw. Most my works came from the cafe. It’s not very special, just very common and ordinary cafe though I enjoy visiting the place for working my works at weekends, in the mornings. :) 



These days I’m currently working on webcomics, that we call ‘webtoon’ in Korean. It’s about my ordinary days and what I feel about things, relationships, and the world. Maybe it can be more like a short graphic novel. I’m not a professional cartoonist yet, and I still need to study how to deal with tablet and photoshop well though, I enjoy what I’m doing now and it’s a challenge of my life. :)  

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