I grew up loving cars and building go-karts. The first one was a converted riding mower bought with $100 dad offered up after persistent begging. I rummaged through the garage for every part and tool I needed but in the end, it was a dismal failure.

The second attempt went much better. This time I stole the motor off of the pressure washer, learnt how to weld and got to work. Over the course of a few years, several flips and countless repairs, I managed to squeeze 70km/h out of the machine.

Then I left for college and studied graphic design. The love for design eventually expanded to include web and fashion. Web because it offered what print couldn't and fashion, well, because of girls.

But the country upbringing and call of petrol never quite died. After finishing college, a friend and myself purchased motorcycles and my love for 4 wheels was condensed down to 2.

My goal in life is to combine those 3 loves: motorcycles, fashion and design.

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