Jordan Best

Yoooooooooooo! Hey World! My name’s Jordan, a.k.a. Doodlejor, a.k.a. Sweetness, a.k.a. Mr. Best. All are legit. I’m an artist from Brooklyn, New York and a casual wierdo. I’m interested in many things and many people but art just brought it all together for me. I love sketching, animating, and playing producer in GarageBand. You’ll often find me staring into space bouncing thoughts about the people I see, with a sketchbook in front of me. I don’t need to be drawing in it necessarily; it just looks sexy sitting in front of me… ready... and waiting… This piece is called “Ponder Bones”.  It represents getting to the core of complex thoughts that may be occupying your mind and the time it takes.At the time I had alot of clutter in my head that was beginning to clear up. I’m very attracted to it I figured out because it shows my inspirations and the traits I look for in my best work. My work is “animestreetart-esquewithalittlebitofretro and a moral somewhere”. I also pull from hip hop and present visual artists. And I push Line, Style, and Dynamism with a moral somewhere. Check me on Instagram @Doodlejor and dream your life to live your dream. Thanks

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