Dominique Falla

Dominique Falla is also known as the “Tactile Typographer” due to the specific nature of her art practice. She has explored a diversity of different techniques and media over the years and has recently settled into creating typographic pieces for exhibition, using different tactile media.

Originally from Melbourne, Dominique now divides her time between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, and her artistic career spans more than 20 years as a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, author and university lecturer.

Dominique has lectured at various educational institutions, and given papers at various conferences including the Queensland College of Art, Central Queensland University, Kingscliff TAFE, Swinburne TAFE, Monash University, SMAANZ conference in Melbourne, INTED Conference in Valencia, SPAIN and 7×7 DIA talk on the Gold Coast.

Dominique has had features in art and review publications including: Novum Magazine, Gold Coast Creative, Twofold, ArtBox Magazine, Winter For Elbows and The Herald Sun. She also writes for Desktop Magazine and the Design Federation and has authored several creative publications, including: ‘The {Tague} Project’, ‘Looking Better in Print’ and ‘Goodbye Helvetica’. She is also the founder of the TYPISM Conference on the Gold Coast.

Dominique Falla is an Australian designer/artist who works in a variety of craft mediums and combines them with a digital aesthetic to make tactile typography pieces. She is currently interested in the New Aesthetic and exploring ways in which the digital world can inhabit the real one using typography. She is also the founder of the TYPISM Conference on the Gold Coast.

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