Debra Terry

I'am a 46 year old woman learning that it's okay to just be me. That I'm alright in every sense

of the word. That I can own many of the labels applied to me...shy, quiet, loner, weird, strange, odd, different

and I can accept them  and embrace them as being apart of me. They are not something I need to fix. I 'am learning

to Just Breathe. I laid down my pencil and stopped drawing sometime in early adulthood.  Marriage and children and

a day job just left no room for my Muse.  Now and 'empty nester', the last few years I've started drawing again and images like

this Koi Pond just come pouring out of me.


The Koi Pond with its spiral in the water and flamboyant, colorful Koi mixed with the symmetry

of the rock wall helps me find my Zen...... my center. And once there my Muse wants to come out and play!

You can find more of my artwork at

Hugs! Deb Terry

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