Cristina Gardumi


Tonight I had a dream of my hand smiling..


Imagine a blonde, six years old girl. She’s pink-dressed and she’s looking you in the eyes. Suddenly she open her little mouth and says: “Fuck you”. So, my art works the same way. My drawings are simple, sometimes childish, sometimes naif, but we know that a hard cold lime often sleep deep into the soft cake. Metamorphosis is a very ancient concept, it’s as old as humanity itself.  It’s about time passing by, as the water in the river, about time becoming UP and stopping, about the hurry of changing or being changed by things around us.
The World taints us, and we absorb his lesson. Know not something like “who are you” or “where are you going to” is a crime? Is it just my fault or it belongs to every human being? My characters are on the border like me, they don’t know much about themselves and live looking for an answer… or two. They’re deeply innocent like animals and objects, but they’re always in danger at the same time, like humans. They need something but what? Sometimes their purity touches me, and I know it happens when the drawing works, when it’s simply true. I usually use ink and simple notebook paper as support, because I love the immediacy of the sign and I know mistakes are undeniable.
Ink is forever.

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