Claire Joines

"I’m Claire! I’m an English and Philosophy student in my third year at Southampton University, finding my solace in art and media. Being an only child to a single father I tried a hellalot of hobbies, but art was the one for me. Drawing, creating, making; that’s how I expressed myself. For someone who gets easily distracted I’m really quite surprised by how in love I still am with it all.


For the last 5 years any spare time I have is dedicated to graphic design and illustration; working for music venues, small businesses, and the University. There’s always work to be done, but I really want to spread my wings beyond Southampton - move onto bigger and better things, you know? There’s just something in bold colours and simple lines that I believe captures a lot of what’s fun in the world and I want to put that in places other than the kebab shops and Union building. I can’t imagine anything better than making my surroundings look that little bit brighter, and working with others to achieve something great and inspiring.


I’ve picked this design because it was something I've never done before; I'm really bad at structure and anatomy so I tried to draw this robot guy without any reference photos (I admit I had to use one for the accordion) so it was a huge challenge. Once the base sketch is done I do the line-art and pick the colours I like and work until I'm happy - It’s a fun experience and I’m forever motivated by not knowing what I’m going to get until the piece is done. The flying robot doesn't have any deep meaning behind it - I want to keep my work fun and kind of innocent in a way - I like things that are pleasing to the eye and have light humour to them, so I tried to capture that by drawing a big, steel robot playing a folk instrument."


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