Carlos Palleiro

This bird is part of 29 illustrated animals done for the covers of the series” Ser y Saber for the SM Mexico editorial.

Late at night we were working in those books and the COO of the editorial came in and asked us how the books where coming along, -Great- Was my answer, Rodrigo ( the COO) answers back –I don’t see it coming out that well, the only thing you have so far is that CHICKEN.

Obviously I accept the provocation and argued about him calling it a chicken, everything in a very friendly , professional way, after this comment,  I did an eagle, an ostrich, a wale, a horse, a slug, a ram, a pig, a humming bird, a dolphin, an elephant, a porcupine, a rooster, a cat, a jiraf, an owl, a lion, a parrot etc… in the end, the chicken didn't felt so lonely, apart from decorating the covers of the books, this animals have traveled to Oaxaca, Xalapa, Mexico, Montevideo, Uruguay,(My place of birth), Nami Island, South Corea and came back to Mexico City to show off in the Carrillo Gil Museum. 

I hope they grow up and reproduce.

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