Shop Creator FAQ




How does artists shop works:

First of all you need to fill in our Open Shop Form

Selected artists are able to have their own shop on Misterdressup.  Using the designer tool, artists will get a custom link for them to upload their designs directly to their shop.   It’s important to bookmark it preciously.

This link you will receive is attached to your collection, use it if you want your products to appear in your Shop (If you just want to have fun with de designer tool, use the create button on the homepage menu. For example, you want to make a t-shirt for your friend’s birthday but you don’t want to appear on your shop.)


What type of file can I upload?

The designer tool supports jpeg and png.  Your files can be up to 300 dpi and printing area is 8,5 by 11 inches, make sure your image doesn’t exceed 10megs,  If you want to remove the background from your image, you can follow this easy tutorial


What if I don’t have a PayPal Account?

Creating a PayPal account is really simple and useful.  If you don’t want to have one, you can find a friend or family member that could receive the money for you.  Unfortunately we only use PayPal and no other payment method.


How can I see my sales?

There is no official tracking page for the artists but every product you create starts with a basic quantity of 40, so each time there is a sale you will see that number go down, when it gets to 0 I’ll put it back to 40 and you continue making cash! Unfortunately these 40 items are associated with each size and color, so you have to click on every option to see if there are sales (I’m working on a better solution for that)


How many t-shirts should I expect to sell by month?

It’s really hard to say, some sell lots of them, some don’t.  It really depends on how you promote and share your creations.  Ask your friends and family what they would like to see on a t-shirt, it’s a great way to see what’s popular in your social circles.


Can I open different shops?

Of course, let’s say you want to start a merch shop for your musician friends, you just open a new shop and you can start doubling your profits. Great partnerships ideas could be fundraising, band shop, teams, social groups etc


How can I delete a product from my shop?

Unfortunately you can’t delete it yourself, I personally will do it every 2 weeks or so, you just have to send me the link of the product you want me to delete.  If you want to make shirts that won’t appear in your shop, use the create button on our homepage, Use only your custom link for designs that you truly want to see in your shop.  But you still can make as many random designs as you want and share the crap out of them :)


How can I change my banner?

If you want to have a banner on your shop, it must be 1280px wide with the height of your choice, be sure that its compress for web.

You have to send me an email with your new banner so I can change it, it’s ok to change it sometimes but I can’t change it for you every week :)


How can I close my shop?

At any time you want to close your shop for any reason, you just write me and I close it immediately.


How can I get featured on the homepage?

Every day I check out every new design and try to promote what I find creative and inspiring, I also try to pick different artists as much as possible.  It’s not only about talent  If I see that you get a lot of attention on social media, your designs might show up on the home page, or even get featured in other collections.


How to remove background from image

I really recommend you to upload designs using .png files with transparency. Images with white background doesn’t look really good.  If you need help to remove backgrounds, here is a simple tutorial  


Men T-shirts

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
S 46 70
M 51 73
L 56 76
XL 61 78
2XL 66 81
3XL 71 84


Women V-Neck T-shirts

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
S 41 64
M 43 67
L 47 69
XL 50 71
2XL 56 72