Let's have a chat with Linsey Metcalf

November 02, 2013


Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I am a born and raised Texan, so chips and queso are a must, and BBQ is essential for living - but I do not have a horse or a cowboy hat, nor cowboy boots. I live in Austin, Texas, where I work as a freelance designer. If I wasn't a designer, I would probably go work for Whole Foods as a vegetable organizer. Their vegetable organizing skills are seriously so impressive! Who doesn't love a neatly stacked pyramid of celery and carrots?


History, and specifically family history, is important to me - which is the reason why I made the stein design. The brewery is a big part of our family history and I wanted to tell a story about where I come from. I have a ton of old photographs of my family from the early 1900's documenting that part of their life, as well as several antiques that were passed down to me; my favorite of which is an old wooden airplane propeller from a WWI trainer plane that my grandpa flew.


Overcast days are my favorite, rainy days are even better. If the sun wasn't necessary for life, I would probably be ok without it. Although the sun is pretty cool, I mean, it is a star all ablazing really close to us here on Earth. So crazy.


And it must be said, handwritten letters and postcards are possibly the best thing that could ever come though the mail.


What are things you really like to do?

I love being outside, and Austin is the perfect city for that. Hiking the Greenbelt, kayaking on Town Lake, laying out in Zilker and biking the streets and trails are just a few of my favorites. Being outside, adventuring while sharing life with the people who mean the most to me, the ones who know the deep parts of my heart - it doesn't get any better than that.


What are 3 things on your bucket list?

Well, Ireland is definitely on there. A friend of mine just got back from spending a week there. She keeps showing me incredible pictures of steep, black cliffs with stunning ocean views and adorable little roadside, long-haired ponies - so yes, explore the hidden countryside of Ireland. I would love to buy a 1930s-ish cottage and flip it. I want creaky wood floors, vintage faucets and antique window glass. I want a house that tells stories of history. Ok, last bucket list item....I'd like to grow my own vegetables.


Do you often work with other people on projects or prefer working alone?

I work alone, but I think I would prefer to work with other folks if we could actually get anything done! I don't know how anyone is productive in an office. There are so many distractions!


What advices would you give to young artists starting?

Comparison is a tough rut to fall into. It is a bit of envy, jealously and disappointment all rolled into one. You were made a special way so keep your head up and walk confidently in what you are doing and how you do it. If you don't like where you are, try something new, but don't let comparison be the driving force. Work hard and do good work.



Do you make other kind of artistic work?

Creativity is a big part of the core of who I am, so I think with everything I do there is an aspect of artistry, from how I write a note to a friend, to the way things are organized on my desk to the photos I take on my phone. But as far as other artistic ventures as a profession, no, not especially. Lately I've found that wood work is steadily fascinating me - modern and antique. I wish I had a marvelous set of wood working skills, might come in handy for the remodeled house I hope to kick off my bucket list.


Which band would you invite to play at your house and why?

I am hooked on Penny and Sparrow right now. Seriously, can't get enough of their music. They have an incredible way with words and a way of stringing those words into beautifully deep stories. They tend to sing about unfaithfulness, adultery, the things that would typically scar us deeply. But even in the midst of deep betrayal, the character on their record is mind-blowingly faithful to the woman he loves and moves toward her in unceasing love and forgiveness. I think that is something we all want, someone to love us and pursue us even when darkness shows through our skin. I relate to their stories because so often I see darkness in myself or in the way I treat those around me, but the incredible part is that there is grace and an unceasing love and forgiveness available. Besides lyrics and story, the Penny and Sparrow boys have stunning vocals. I'd let them twist their sound into the leaves of the backyard trees any night. And if Seryn joined them, that might be the best night my backyard has ever seen.

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