Meet Dulk the Artist!

October 31, 2013

Hi Dulk, can you talk a bit about yourself? What’s been going on in your life lately?


Hello, my name is Antonio Segura, aka Dulk, I'm Spanish and I live in Valencia. I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.


I have been drawing since I was a child. Everything started as a hobby, later I decided to study illustration and graphic design. I started my carreer in Valencia and I got a grant to move to Belgium. This experience opened my mind and my style to the world. After that I start to do lots of exhibitions and projects around the world. Nowadays I am focused on developing my style.


I consider myself as an "all terrain" illustrator. My works can appear in any product or support. I'm always opened to evaluate news projects proposals.


Do you like what you do right now, what would you change?


I'm very ambitius. As a person I try to improve every day, as artist is the same. I'm never completely happy with what I do, I think that often it´s a problem, but if you can control it, is the best solution to getting goals.


What are your inspirations when you create art?


I am a fan of nature, animals, organic things, this is reflected in each work that I do. I was always have been surrounded by them. Since my childhood my father had birds, horses, dogs, fishes, ... maybe that's the most important reason which explain what I'm doing today.


wherever I let go of my imagination, I try to express my dreams, always with a burlesque touch and soft at the same time. My works tell stories where some things are real and some not. I love the mix between reality and fiction, manipulate and feel the head of the characters in each scene, creating relationships between them that only I know.


Do you have any artists that really inspire you?


One of my favorite artists is  Hieronymus Bosch, I think that what he did was something supreme. My style has a lot to do with his work, go free with the imagination and mix it with the real life.

About nowaday artists, I like lots of them, the list would be so long.



What would you do with a million dollars?

I don't know, I would think it when they were in my pocket.


Do you have any musical preferences?


No tengo una preferencia especial, dependiendo de cada momento siento que necesito un estilo de música u otro pero a la hora de dibujar el buen jazz me relaja y me mete de lleno en mi mundo interior, cuando llega ese momento me siento la persona más afortunada del planeta. El blues, el reggae o el rock me despiertan cuando estoy un poco encerrado en el.


I don't have an special preference, depending of each moment I like to listen one or another kind of music. When I'm drawing the goo jazz relax me and helps me to focus in my inner world. The blues, reggae or the rock are some of my preferences too.

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