Interview with Artist Angela Koch

October 29, 2013


Where do you come from? Do you inspire yourself by the city you live in?

I'm originally from Iowa, but moved to the Chicago area for college. I am constantly being inspired by the city's architecture, lake Michigan being so close, and being able to visit the Art Institute of Chicago that hosts some of the best artwork in the world. I am also inspired by my hometown as well. Dubuque, Iowa is situated right on the Mississippi so I'm easily inspired by the river, nature and country side. It's nice to be inspired and relate to both cities that I call my home because they both offer very different inspirations important to me. 


What type of artist would describe you?

A little bit of everything! I absolutely love trying new mediums and new styles of artwork so that my artwork doesn't become predictable. I've always associated myself as a fine arts artist, particularly working in the mediums oil paint and graphite pencil, but I always try to challenge myself and try new styles from realism to expressionism to finger painting a koala bear (it actually turned out pretty awesome, despite it being a finger painting!) As for my graphic design work, I have an obsession with type. I love creating a design using some hand drawn type. I also love when I can incorporate some of my drawings or painting into my graphic design bringing in an irresistible element that other designers may not have. 

What are some of your inspirations to create?

A lot of my friends and family are artists, photographers, or graphic designers so I'm always inspired by their work. I always find myself watching tv or a movie while scrolling down Pinterest or Behance for inspiration. 


Have you done a project you are particularly proud of?

I created a couple murals with an art teacher I worked with eventually leading to my own mural work throughout my hometown that I am particularly proud of. I've also been proud of a wine label I created for fun for my neighbor's winery. I was inspired to create a label that fit my neighbor's family's personality and related to the terrain of an Iowa Winery. When I finished that wine label I knew it was my best work yet and that I have more potential to dig into!

In which city would you like to live and why?

I love to move and experience new cities so I could see myself anywhere. I'd love to cross New York City or anywhere in California or Colorado off my list of cities to live. I've lived in England and absolutely loved it and would absolutely love to live abroad again. I've had an obsession with Parisian life since I was little and am currently finishing a minor in French so Paris is the one city I am absolutely determined to say that I've lived in at some point in my life. 

If you had one person you could meet (dead or alive), Who would it be?

I'm going to cheat and name four people, but only because I couldn't just meet one. I'd have to meet the whole group. I would love to meet The Beatles. My dad is a huge fan and loves listening to them because it brings back his memories as a kid. My dad always told me stories like how he tried to register as John Lennon in kindergarten or all about coming home from boy scouts to watch the famous performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. As a result he's had me listening to them since I was a youngster as well. After living in England and visiting the Cavern Club in Liverpool where they performed over 300 times, where they started their career, I realized that they are people I'd love to go back in time when they were all alive and have a conversation with them. I'd love to get inside their head and be able to understand the minds of musical geniuses. 

What kind of work are you doing these days?

Most of my work has been student based work since I'm still in school. I'm starting my senior year and about to start a large graphic design capstone creating some of my best work yet. I plan on creating designs for my brother's home-made beer. I told him that I'm going to make this project so awesome he'll be inspired to leave his home-made beer for a real brewery! 

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