Let's Talk Photography with Luca Privitera

October 28, 2013


Hello, can you tell us a little bit about your life? What do you do these days?

Hello, I'm a professional commercial photographer, based in Italy. I was born in Sicily, ten years ago i moved in Piedmont to study.Now I've a little studio in Piedmont, with my girlfriend. Together we make still life photos, digital publishing, commercial videos and emotional videos.In these days I finished a various project. The one i love is a web site for a Tattoo studio in Turin. We made photos, videos and graphic design for the web site.


Do you create designs on a regular basis?

I create design to relax myself. First, I draw on paper something I've in my mind, and after go on Illustrator to create my sensation, think eccDaily, i produce photographs because is my work., but i love draw painting and every day, i can to take inspiration from a various artists in the world.

What are some techniques you use to create your artworks?

The techniques i use to create a photograph are various. To create fine art project I use film, no digital. I take the picture with medium format camera, or 35mm camera, it depends from the project.After development film on my own in darkroom , and print photo on fiber base paper with brush development.For design i prefer use pencil or Illustrator. For the next design project i thin to use spray on canvas, to remember my childhood :-)


How long have you been designing?

Nice question. I've been designing from six years old. Now I've 28 years old.I love photography and art in general from six years old. My parents I bought pencil colors when i was a child, and i drew every day, until today.Do you have a favourite artist?I've a lot of favorite artist. For photography i follow: Erwin Olaf, Federico Chiesa, Diane Arbus, Flemings paintersFor design i follow various artist on behance. Is my favorite inspiration channel.What kind of music do you listen to?I listen various kind of music, depend  how i feel.Mainly i love Radiohead.


Tell us what would be your dream project.

My dream project is to continue to work with photography and art in general.


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