Why Cheryl is so great!

October 23, 2013


Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a recent graduate from a graphic design/illustration program. I have lived in Vancouver, BC for eight years now. I currently Art Direct an awesome University paper. I am an extremely organized person who enjoys helping people organize their own messes. I fall in love with nearly any animal I encounter. Love Animals. And creativity.

What are things you really like to do?

I love hanging out with friends and animals. I collect gig posters and love going to live shows and watching movies. I also love biking and and relaxing at the beach or in parks and eating picnic food with good friends.


What are 3 things on your bucket list?

Some Travel

To Art Direct for something large and fulfilling.

To own a dog(s), a cat and miniature goat.


Do you often work with other people on projects or prefer working alone?

I really enjoy both – it depends on the project. I work really well on my own but I love receiving opinions, feedback and criticism. 

Working in groups is beneficial to an outcome though as I believe pooling ideas together makes for a successful collaboration.


What advice would you give to young artists starting?

As an artist who has just begun in the industry – my best advice would be to do something you enjoy and make sure you work hard at it, put yourself out there and make connections. Work outside of your comfort zone sometimes but also stick to your niche. 


Do you make other kind of artistic work?

I am mainly an illustrator but I really enjoy copy-writing as well. Artists often have a slew of creative outlets and I have enjoyed everything from painting to branding to advertising and crafting. School has helped ground me as an illustrator but I would someday like to venture into designerly skills as well.


Which band would you invite to play at your house and why?

This is not an easy question. I would invite every band I have a gig poster up of. 

Yesterday I would have said Nirvana. Today I will say The Kills. and Tomorrow I'll say Alt- J.


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