A Talk With Artist Andrew Herzog!

October 22, 2013

Hi Andrew, tell us little a bit about you?

My name is Andrew Herzog I am a Designer & Thinker & Human. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but I’m currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I can grow a mean beard and love learning new things.

Do you design other stuff then t-shirts?

I try to design anything I can get my hands on. Usually the less technically savvy I am with the medium the more I enjoy working with it. The exploration and constant shifting nature of design is what gets me so excited about being a designer. Besides designing pizza themed t-shirts I design for web and print media, I’ve worked with film and animation as well as any other medium I can get my hands on.

What are your inspirations when you draw?

Everything inspires me. It really depends what project I’m working on. Usually it’s just everyday life that I draw inspiration from. Humor is also a big part of what inspires me and my work. I try to pay attention to the funny subtleties of everyday life and draw inspiration from them.

What are you working on these days?

These days I’ve been working on a participatory web experiment called “Draw a Letter a Day.” It’s a website I designed where anyone can come and draw the designated “Letter of the day” then share it. I curate the shared hand drawn letters on a daily letter curation blog. The site is called TheWeekendLab.com.

Do you have any other creative skills?

Well I’m not a good singer or dancer that’s for sure. Although, I try to let creativity be a part of everything I do. I would love to make a short film or write a book. I guess you could say my other creative skill is daydreaming.  

What’s a regular day in your life?

A day in the life starts with a brisk morning bike ride to work. I work as an interactive designer at an advertising agency in Minneapolis, which is always challenging and fun. After work I’m usually working on some sort of side project like the “Draw a Letter a Day” website or on freelance projects. If I’m not working on anything I might be reading or watching the worst reality television you could possibly think of.


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