A Converstation with Lea Vervoort

October 24, 2013

Hi Lea, tell us little a bit about you?

Hi there! My name is Lea Vervoort and I live in a small city in the Netherlands. I live together with my boyfriend and my plants. I’m 22, I graduated a year ago from art school and I work as a freelance illustrator now.


Do you design other stuff then t-shirts?

Usually I don’t design for t-shirts! But free illustration work can be used for several ends, that’s the cool thing about illustration. 
In projects for clients I did designs and illustrations for websites, animation, music albums, books and e-books, magazines, etc. I like to do lots of different things.



What are your inspirations when you draw?

Sometimes I look at the work from other illustrators (like Oliver Jeffers, Shaun Tan, Rebecca Dautremer and lots more). 
I get inspiration from movies and photographs too. And I’m super addicted to Pinterest.


What are you working on these days?

I’m working on several things;
Illustrations for a “Sans Famille” themed story that will be published in Dutch children’s magazine. 
I’m designing stuff for a chutney brand (packaging, bags, a banner, etc.)
I’m also working on a super cool project that’s secretive so I can’t tell anything about that.
And my Christmas card for this year is in the making as well!


Do you have any other creative skills?

Nope I’m just doing illustration. I –sadly- don’t have any time to develop any other skill, too busy with this one! Juggling would be cool though.


What’s a regular day in your life?

Haha a regular day is not very interesting in my life. I think this last question should be changed in “what’s a super awesome day in your life”!


But here you go: I wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast, read the paper, work work work (read/send emails, find inspiration, get inspired, sketch, draw, do some colouring), have lunch, work some more, cook and have dinner with my boyfriend. After dinner I meet friends, watch a movie or work some more on the couch.


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