Interview with Brian Huff!

October 22, 2013

What are things you really like to do?

Obviously draw. I am also a huge gamer. I have loved video games since I was a kid because it was art brought to life. I also enjoy card games and board games. I like using my imagination to picture the actions in the game as scenes. My favorite activity though is going to the movies with my family. There is something special about having a shared quiet experience.


What are 3 things on your bucket list?

As I am currently a graphic artist, the number one thing on my bucket list is to transition from design work and into illustration, specifically a character designer. I am currently working on my illustration portfolio to do just that. Outside of drawing, which is a huge part of my life, I would love to travel and see the amazing natural landmarks of our world like the Grand Canyon. Thirdly, astronaut! You have to have big dreams.


Do you often work with other people on projects or prefer working alone?

I do enjoy collaborating with other artists, but I usually work alone. When I illustrate a character, I have a specific story in my head for that character and that dictates everything that goes into the character from dress, props to facial expressions and body language. Drawing for me is a solitary activity where I organize my thoughts and learn something about my characters and myself as well.


What advices would you give to young artists starting?

I teach a design course at our community college so I have thought a lot about this question. Some things I tell my students: Give more than is asked of you. People will remember and appreciate the person that put in extra effort. Listen. You can learn so much by being quiet (but do be curious and ask questions). Stop being afraid! I see fear, more than anything else, stop good students from being their best. It is okay to make mistakes and not be perfect. Our imperfections are what make use each unique artist. Embracing imperfection and not being afraid of it is what has helped me progress as an artist more than anything else.


Do you make other kind of artistic work?

Beyond my illustrative work, I have been a graphic designer for over 13 years. I am fascinated with typography and minimalist design. I am drawn to a cartoonish style of illustration because I love how it embodies the principles of design and uses minimal information to communicate to the audience.


Which band would you invite to play at your house and why?

Nirvana! I guess I would need a time machine so Kurt Cobain could be there. I've always wanted to see him clock himself with a guitar, a truly epic part of music history.


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