Artist Interview: Valesca Van Waveren

October 24, 2013

How would you describe your work?


I want to make work that is communicative. The idea behind it, as well as the atmosphere are important.

In the same time, I love to make colourful, playful things, open to imperfections.

Mostly everything is hand drawn to begin with, cause this feels more 'real' to me.


Name a couple of things that makes you smile?

-My two year old son, singing songs while sitting in front of me on my bike.

-The sun

-Yellow and red autumn leaves (and the sun)

-Beautiful tea-packages

-Poffertjes (tiny dutch pancakes)

-The colors of Barcelona

-When things go not according to plan, and in the end that was just the best thing that could have happened

-Doing something nice for someone

-Receiving support when you didn't expect it



What kind of advices would you give to aspiring illustrators?


Don't be so overwhelmed by the wonderful work of others you'll find on the internet.

It takes time to grow, and to find what it is that you do best. Do things that your honestly enthusiastic about.

The more you find out what really suits you, the easier things get. But don't wait until that day, just start, it will work out.

And let clients out there know what it is that you could do for them. (They need examples - seeing is believing).


What kind of design inspires you?


I'm drawn to anything authentic. Things that take time. Things made by hand, wood. Trees. Nature. 

Do you have any particular hobbies?

Making ceramics. Takes a lot of time to!

What would be your dream job?


Just making stuff. Drawings, paintings, ceramics, fabrics, bags, t-shirts, onesies.

(and that someone else would do administration, packaging etc., so that there was no time wasted with all that)


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