Kim Wednesday Artist Interview

October 23, 2013

How would you describe your art?

I enjoy incorporating images from my sub consciousness into my art pieces. I believe that a subconscious mind has a limitless potential of creating diverse and creative ideas. Sometimes, just an object stuck on my mind then I need to work with that objects in many different versions. I just make things consciously. I can describe that most of my work is raw?.




Name a couple of things that makes you happy?

Thrift shop, febreze, a hole in my socks, cats, coffee.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are working?

-it is very random.  Just check up on my list from last night, MGMT, lemon jelly, STRFKR, The Blow, Erik Satie, Nujabes and lou reed.



How long have you been designing?

-I am more Fine Art person; most of my work is sculptures and video. I do make illustrations as a personal work but it is my first experience with designing t-shirt for online shop. Thank you Mister dress-up! I am going to make more designs since now.


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Men T-shirts

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
S 46 70
M 51 73
L 56 76
XL 61 78
2XL 66 81
3XL 71 84


Women V-Neck T-shirts

Sizes Width (CM) Length (CM)
S 41 64
M 43 67
L 47 69
XL 50 71
2XL 56 72