Interview with Audrey Malo

October 19, 2013

Where do you come from? Do you inspire yourself by the city you live in?

I'm from a suburban town on the south shore of Montreal, where I'm still currently living for a month or so. Suburbs are sometimes unpopular but I like them since they are quiet and near nature. I take lots of inspirations from being isolated, geographically and socially.

What type of artist would describe you?

I have intense moments on being really focused, ambitious and productive. Then I burn out and binge watch tv shows and read books without producing anything for weeks. I would like to be the type of person who wakes up and creates something straight away, but I guess everyone has a different creative cycles they need to respect to feel comfortable.

What are some of your inspirations to create?

As I said previously, isolation mostly. I grew up as a shy kid and my way of making friends was by being noticed for my art, so I guess I identify it with loneliness but also as a way to connect with people. Later in life, I had more social moments but I couldn't find time to be creative, as if it was too much to handle.

Have you done a project you are particularly proud of?

I like the illustrations that I've made that took a long time, like the ones I've made for MASSIVart's exhibition "La ligne bleue". Also, some storyboards I have created for clients that were super intense. Like, I had never drawn for 17 continuous hours to meet a deadline. It felt good.

In which city would you like to live and why?

I feel like I would enjoy the life in London. I like how illustration is a real job there and there are nice museums everywhere.

If you had one person you could meet (dead or alive), Who would it be?

Mmm good question ! I'm not quite sure...

What kind of work are you doing these days?

I work on secret storyboards for agencies from time to time. I'm doing a mural for the CEGEP of my hometown. I'm trying to make new illustrations that are challenging to me.

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