Jim Loveall : Artist Interview!

October 17, 2013

Tell us a little about you.

I am an illustrator and designer currently in Cincinnati Ohio. I do freelance illustrations and I am currently completing a degree in design. 


Are you a morning person? When do you have some great creative work done?

By necessity I’ve become a morning person, but it wasn’t an easy transition. For many years getting up before 9am was an offensive proposition, but slowly I’ve realized that the morning hours are not as bad as I had feared.  In fact I now find I am at my best creatively after a few cups of coffee, even in the dreaded morning hours. 


Do you have any particular inspirations?

Being a visual person I find inspiration in a lot of things. If I see a piece of advertising I like I’ll make a mental note. Or if I see an illustration I’ll make note of the style. I also like to keep up on artist’s blogs and look at what’s being done by others.  I’m also constantly sketching and doodling, sometimes that takes me to an interesting idea. 


What type of projects are you working on right now?

Right now I am working on some branding design work, and I am working on illustrations for a children’s book.


Do you sometimes have some collaboration with other artists?

I’ve worked with writers in the past on a weekly independent comic; it was a lot of fun.  And I am currently working with some people on the children’s book. I like being given a script and turning it into something visual. 


How would you describe your work?

I try to have fun with my work. I was inspired at an early age by cartoonists. My early love of cartooning lead me to study illustration. The works of Charles Schultz, Bill Watterson and Berkeley Breathed among many others inspired me to pursue illustration. I try to keep the simplicity and fun in my work today. 



What are things you couldn’t live without?

Sadly my laptop, I like to be connected to the world. 


Tell us about a dream you made not too long ago

I don’t often remember my dreams, but I recently had one where my two cats got out and went on a long road trip to find them, it sounds like a second rate Pixar movie rip off….  


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