Interview with Artist: Jeffrey Michael Austin

October 15, 2013

Tell us a bit about you!

I'm a 25-year-old artist/musician based out of Chicago, IL, currently studying at the Burren College of Art in Ireland, and soon to receive my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


What are your daily inspirations?

Inspiration has a way of coming when and where I least expect it, but the most consistent sources would probably be a tie between personal reflections on the bewildering complexity of life and the sight of people putting forth genuine efforts to figure it out.


Are you a person that creates every day? What is your creation process?

It's hard for me to let a day go by without making something, however big or small of a project it may be -- I'm not sure if that's a strength or a weakness, but it's working out alright so far. My process has a tendency to flow around through an evolving range of applications -- from sketches to painting to music to sculpture to furniture design (and apparently to t-shirts!), one informing the other until I find myself back at the beginning of the loop again, oftentimes not necessarily knowing where I'm headed, but with plenty of evidence of where I've been.

What kind of music do you listen to inspire yourself?

It really depends on the day/hour/moment. I'll find myself responding to the meditative lulls of Boards of Canada one moment, and the fidgety energy of Don Caballero the next. The most frequently played studio jams lately would have to include Chance the Rapper, Mountains, Timber Timbre, Frank Ocean, and Dawn of Midi. Although, if I had to choose one record to listen to on repeat for the rest of my life, it would undoubtedly be Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.  


Is there any artwork you are particularly proud of?

The artwork I'm most proud of would have actually been a group effort. I, my brother Matt, and our mutual best friend EJ Hill have created a project that we call The Mountain Was A Gift. In the past, we've conducted a performance known as HomeSchool, for which we traveled around the States holding "class sessions," and asking the participating audience to perform the class exercises we'd prepared while we improvised music -- the classes would most often be geared towards confronting fears and growing both as an individual and as a member of a community. 


What would be your favourite work of art?

The first thing that comes to mind is The Weather Project by Olafur Eliasson.


Do you make art as a living?

I'm doing my best. I think I'm most interested in simply finding a living that in some way allows and revolves around artistic creation, without necessarily having to resemble in any way the image of a successful gallery artist. For now, I'm doing my best to sell my work (music, painting, sculpture) on the side while making my living through a range of different part-time/freelance jobs including museum preparator, furniture designer, laser-cutter technician, studio assistant and street performer.


You can find more of my work at and hear my music at

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