Interview with Valérie Frappier

October 09, 2013

Tell us a bit about you, where are you from? What are you doing?


My name is Val and I hail from the suburbs of Ontario. I grew up in Aurora, a town of greater Toronto, and moved to Montreal after high school to attend university. I am currently finishing up a bachelors in fine arts at Concordia University in the Art History/ Studio Arts program while working part-time. 


What makes you smile?


Puns and lame jokes, my dog Maurice, Scottish accents, Viggo Mortensen. 


What type of artists inspires you to work?


Canadian artists Shary Boyle and Steven Shearer are an immense inspiration to me, as well as other artists doing important work like Allison Schulnik, Erica Lord and Allyson Mitchell. I also very much enjoy listening to music while I work, and the musical art of Erykah Badu and DJ Jazzy Jeff must here be noted. 


Talk about your design featured on Mister Dressup!


This design was made as part of a series of six drawings honouring the legacy of the beard. We Are One is meant to humour the wise bearded men that walk this earth, and also acts as a hairily disguised representation of the bond I share with my sister Caroline.


What type of art are you into these days?


I am appreciative of many types of art, but these days I am quite into street art, murals (Montreal has so many great ones), feminist art, installations, community projects and socially-engaged art. 


What are stuff you couldn't live without?


My family and friends, music, imagination, apples, cold beer, the CBC and that H2O baby.  


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