Andreas Johansson Artist Interview

October 07, 2013

• What inspires you to create your designs?
Inspiration can come from anything in ordinary life really, a lot of my initial ideas comes from movies and documentaries that I watch. Quite often I just go through tons of stock-photos as well to see if any of them sparks an idea.
• Tell us a bit on your creation process?
It depends on what I have in mind of creating, but most common process is probably really basic sketching to start off, either with pen and paper or in Photoshop. I really like to mix programs, so after sketching  I might go back and forth testing different things in Illustrator, Photoshop and Cinema 4D. Final touches are always made in Photoshop. 
• What do you when you are not creating artworks?
I'm currently studying the Digital Data Strategist program at Hyper Island in Stockholm. So work wise I'm dwelling in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. When I have free time I enjoy playing computer games, binge-watch series or watch E-Sport. 
• If you could meet any artist, who would it be?
I'm assuming we're talking artists that are alive. Hm damn it's still a really tough question, too many. I would love to hang out with the guys from the Adventures in Design podcast, they just seem like really cool dudes. Kevin Tong, Jason Levesque, Sara Blake, Justin Maller and James White are some of my favorite artists out there though.
• What was your last vacation?
I'm not sure if it counts, but I'm actually sitting on a plane to Amsterdam at the moment, won't be much of a vacation though!
• What kind of music do you listen to?
It's such a mix. But I guess I'm a sucker for indie pop/rock, but I still listen to a lot of electro, folk and of course Led Zeppelin.
• Which one of your artwork are you particularly proud of?
Also a tough one. I think I will go with "What's in your cup?", it was so long ago since I made it, but I still like the simplicity and concept of it.

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