Leigh Le Roux

October 04, 2013

Tell us about how started to make art?

I started drawing as a kid watching a cartoon called "dragonballz" and i really enjoyed it so i kept on drawing and with time those cartoon drawings became  the art I do today as the bone structure of an anime character is the same as a real human.
What was your childhood like?
My childhood was fantastic in the sense of imagination, i believed in fairy tales myths and played games with friend on school play ground, i enjoyed my childhood and I still try to make sure that child like imagination stays with me for years to come.
Do you perform any other artistic discipline?
I am not only an artist but I am also a graphic designer at an advertising agency known as "Native" in South Africa. So my day to day is I'm working at a place I love where I get to ride around on a push scooter and where the schedule for the day is drawn on a chalk board with lunch for the day and what time drinks are being served at the bar.
What were your grades like, when you were in high school?
In school i didn't do well with the language subjects  and reading wasn't my strong point as I have dyslexia, but lucky there was subjects where I was able to draw everyday like design, art and technical drawing.
What advices would you give to young aspiring artists?
What I would say to young aspiring artists is that you need to believe in your own abilities and keep putting yourself out there as being known in the art world isn't easy so keep looking for opportunities, and always have plan B and C ready.
What tools do you use every day while creating?
My tools are pen and pencil and with time I transfer it onto the mac so its digital and more people can see it. 
What's your favorite board game ?
My favorite board game is 30 seconds because i can get creative with what  I am trying to tell people and its fun thinking quick. Its a way to exercise that creative muscle we all have in our heads.

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