Interview with Atelier TENTEN

September 30, 2013


What inspires you to create your art?

 Right of the bat I would like to mention the fact that I do not consider myself  to be an artist, but rather a person with artistic tendencies. In my view an artist is someone who, whether he is qualified or not , lives from and through art, recognized by specialized critics. I have not yet reached that state, I am a novice but then again you can never know what the future has in store for each of us. 

 Each of us has a certain “amount of artist” in himself that we can tap into or not, we can indulge in it or not, we can transform it in an “artistic quality” or not.


 As such, always having artistic experiences I can safely say that I am never lacking inspiration. It can come to you in the most unexpected of places and moments, as flash-backs to things you once felt or seen, events or actions you took part in. Anything can bring me inspiration in one way or another: a tree, a city, a movie, a house, etc. This being said, many ideas remain only in my mind, they take the back seat to other ideas and eventually get lost.


As is the case of any man of our modern times, my greatest enemy is TIME, or rather the lack of it, when it comes to putting in effect as many of the ideas and creative projects I have.



Tell us a bit on your design process?

It’s hard to say that I have a specific creation process. The word ‘process’ implies a certain flow, an order of the activities and a dosing of the ingredients. I don’t have everything mapped out before I start working on a design/an image. I have a starting point idea and the rest is experimental. This way, often times you comes to surprise even yourself, with a certain outcome and a piece of work can turn out even better than you would have initially hoped.


What do you when you are not creating art?

I study architecture, thus the problem of time gets bigger. The advantage is that I can undertake an activity in the same area, that of creativity.



If you could meet anyone, who would it be?

Dead or alive? If I could meat a person that is no longer alive I would like him to be Salvador Dali. I appreciate him for his insubordination when faced with rules, the liberty he takes in creation and his capacity to innovate.  His “craziness” has been the seed of a new artistic approach and a unique method of promoting his image, which was very well received in the United States of America.

It would also be a great pleasure of mine to meet the swiss architect Peter Zumthor, whom I see as the embodiment of the complete artist: architect, sculptor, visual and sound artist. His body of work is recognized for the way they transmit emotion using human senses. His buildings communicate through smell (Bruder Klaus Chapel-Germany), sound (Saint Benedict Chapel-Switzerland; Therme Vals-Switzerland) and light (Kolumba Museum-Germany).



What was your last vacation?

I enjoy vacation and the last one I took was to the Black-sea side. But what brings me the greatest joy is my home town, Brasov- a city in Transilvania, Romania visited by many tourists during the summer-time as well as in the winter-time. A simple outing on the town or in its’ surroundings, I perceive as a small “vacation” because I get the chance to meet new people and discover new things. I feel somehow privileged to be living in a city and in a region with strong historical background, where in time numerous cultural minglings have taken place and are now reflected on to the social, urban structure, traditions, etc. From this point of view I can say that I am vacationing constantly. Maybe I have a different outlook on the term of “vacation”. I don’t know!


What kind of music do you listen to?

I try not to let myself be limited. I listen to various types of music depending on the mood I’m in. this way, I can go from rock to chill-out, from opera to electronic music.


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