Meet Koen Berkhout! Visual Artist Interview

August 28, 2013

Where do you get your ideas for making your art?
Most of the time my ideas start of with sketches of random stuff I come up with. I'm not going to lie... These sketches suck, haha! I'm slowly getting better at drawing on paper. Luckily it all comes together when I bring them in Illustrator.
What type of work do you prefer doing?
Anything that doesn't bore me! I am very happy with my clients, they are so diverse. Every assignment is different from the last. 
I studied and graduated in graphic design. That will always be something that I like to do. 
In my spare time I like to learn everything there is to know about video production. Which is my main source of income.
As a hobby I also like to experiment with illustration, typography and photography. Mostly for personal projects, but these disciplines always come in handy when working on a commissioned project. 
Which internet sites do you go every day?
For inspiration I always go to Behance and Dribbble. I used to go to FFFFOUND, but I just kept on scrolling because of the never ending cool stuff. It took me too much precious time, haha.
Also I'm always on Facebook. Which is a very pointless habit, I think. 
What did your drawings look like when you were a kid?
Horrible... Me and my twin sister often participated in coloring contests from local supermarkets when we were little. I never won anything. She did though! Coloring inside the lines wasn't my thing, I guess.
Does your family enjoy your work?
Yes, especially my dad is very supportive! I recently had a big batch of stickers printed for promotional use. My dad sticks them up everywhere he goes. Now that's cool!

What would be your last meal?
That would be an enormous amount of sushi. I devour that stuff like crazy.
What kind of books do you read?
I don't really 'read' books. I do like to collect books about design, illustration, street-art, photography... Anything creative and inspirational!

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