Artist Interview Josh Geiser

September 08, 2013

Tell us about how started to make art?

I have been creating art in one form of another for as long as I can remember, however I think it became a full time passion once I started college. Along with working towards a degree in art history, I filled my free time with learning how to paint, draw, and use various programs to create digital works of art.

What was your childhood like?

Relatively normal, or at least as normal as I understood it to be. We moved around quite a lot, which was something I didn't enjoy as a kid, but something I am appreciative now. I love the idea of being able to see all of the amazing things this world has to offer.

Do you perform any other artistic discipline?

Along with writing about art, and creating designs for t-shirts, I try my best to work on my traditional drawing and painting skills, as well as digital painting. These are not works of art I normally share. I have had a few paintings featured in some art exhibitions, but this is very rare. Something I only participate in 1 every few years. My "fine" art tends to be very different from what I create for t-shirts.

What were your grades like, when you were in high school?

I was able to achieve good grades in high school, but at the time my priorities were other places. So after high school I made up for less then desirable performance I had in high school, and worked very hard in college.

What advices would you give to young aspiring artists?

Look at art, and practice art on a daily basis. If art is something you want to make a career out of, let it consume you. Work towards being an expert in the creation of art, and make sure you are aware of the art that is currently being made, and was made in the past. When an artist fully understands the climate in which they work, they have a better idea of what paths they can go down in order to create truly unique works of art.

What tools do you use every day while creating?

I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but have recently gotten into Manga Studio 5. The program is really great for illustration and comic book creation, but it also seems ideal for the methods in which I create t-shirt designs and even fine art.

What is your favorite board game and why?

I don't think I have a favorite board game, but I am a fan of card games. There are some great games that have been created in the past few years, one of which is Gloom by Keith Baker and Atlas Games. The goal is to kill of your family in the worst way possible. before any other team does. It sounds very macabre, but it comes off in a more "Edward Gorey" kind of manner, and you can create little stories to tell as you get rid of your characters.

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