Mister Dressup Interview - Jono Doiron

August 19, 2013


Where are you from?


I was born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and raised in Dartmouth/Halifax. I now live in Montreal.


Tell us a little about your childhood


I was absolutely hooked on animation when I was a child and knew I wanted to be an artist from a

young age. I grew up without cable TV, so watching cartoons was a more scarce activity, which I think

made me value them even more. Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights was the best bet (other

than the now faded Saturday morning lineup). I would go ballistic if they didn't screen a cartoon that

week! And not just pouts - but full on tantrums! My Mom would be apologizing on behalf of Disney - as

if she had any control over it. I think I was as old as 11 before I would willingly watch something that was

not animated.


What do you do for a living?


I create imagery (most often of a humorous sort) with paint that hangs on walls in Galleries and the

homes of private collectors. I sell people visual stories, ideas and unique experiences. I also spend a lot

of time networking in person or on my computer reminding people that I exist.


Have you been drawing for a long time?


Always. My earliest drawing memories are from sketching my Ninja Turtles action figures. Then later,

more cartoony stuff. My Grandad (or, as I like to call him 'Grand Dude') is also an artist and we'd make

comic strips or art together on summer visits growing up.


If you could have a magic power, what would it be?


I know a lot of people will accuse me of only saying this to sound noble, but the truth really is: when I

see people of physical misfortune, I wish I could heal them. I just don't think anybody deserves to be in




Tell a dream you made recently?


I think the biggest dreams to come true for me is honestly witnessing such a positive response from the

work I do - even before I saw any money from it. Art has had such an impact on me and I feel privileged

to share it with people. I made a sale recently to a satisfied collector who told me he's going to enjoy

looking it every day and loved knowing the story behind it. Having other artists whom I admire invite me

into their lives is something I'm also grateful over.


What makes you really angry?


Littering! It's such a lazy disrespectful and easily preventable crime. Even if you don't believe in global

warming, at least put your trash in the garbage.



Have you made other t-shirt designs in the past?


Yes, I have. Only one other design was picked up though. It was called 'Vegetarian' and is a playful jest at

how vegetables are living things. Fresh Prints in Halifax owns the image rights. A painting with the same

design can be seen on my website though.


What would be your dream job?


I'm already sort of living my dream job. Or at least, I feel like I'm on the right track now. I love painting

and sharing stories, ideas and my sense of humor with people. So I want to continue doing that to make

a living. If I had ideal circumstances: there are some Galleries and venues I would love to exhibit in, and

dream gigs would include working with the Looney Tunes property, doing some artwork for skateboards

and to create the art for at least one movie poster before I die (even if it's some horrible 'B' film no one

will ever see).


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