Say Hi To Briana Bolger Schuth!

August 20, 2013

Tell us a bit about your life?

I'm from Chicago, moved to New York, then back to Chicago then off to Kiev and I've lived in Germany the past 4 and a bit years in Germany with my husband and our funny little dog. I used to work at big ad agencies, and now I sometimes work for big ad agencies, and sometimes for regular people who need business cards or drawings of their dogs or whatnot. My life is pretty awesome.

Do you draw often?

I don't draw as much as I should. I drew something earlier this year and my husband was like "oh wow, you're really good at drawing" and I was like - we've been together for 4 years, how did you not know I could draw? But I think it's because I was doing so much stuff digitally, even if it was a drawing that I scanned in, he would just see the final thing. But I'm trying to draw at least a little something every day.

What makes you proud as an artist?

When I make something that I like.

Would you consider yourself like someone extraordinary?

I have a metal rod and 8 pins fused to my shoulder from a fall I took in Paris, so I'm not only extraordinary, I'm also part cyborg. Don't be afraid, I come in peace.

Are you working on a new project these days?

I'm working on a pretty big (a lot of them, not huge in size) series of prints for a local hospital. They're images I've made from found photographs, postcards, bits of other written things that I've collected all over Germany from mostly before the war. I feel like it's really sad that some of these things are just tossed aside, that there may have been no family left to take on these cherished keepsakes, so I'm trying to give them, and somehow the people associated with them, new life.

Have you ever wanted to invent something? What would it be?

Teleporter. I hate flying, and I would love to be able to just go meet up with friends scattered all over the world for a glass of wine, and then be home in time to walk the dog.

Does your family support you as an artist?

One million percent. I'm a very lucky girl.

Who would you bring on a desert island?

My husband, our dog, and a computer with an eternal battery, and internet connection so that I could skype all my friends without them being pissed that I bought them to a desert island. And then they could track my signal and come get us when the dog gets too hot.

Where would you live if you could choose anywhere to live?

I'm really happy where I'm at right now, although I'd love to live near the sea someday - but like, a Northern sea. Somewhere with little lakes where my fella can go kayaking while I paint and plan what to make for dinner (which will most likely be fish, because – Sea).

Say Hi to someone!

Hi future me & future husband reading this! Did we make it to the sea?

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