Biljana Kroll, a talk with the artist!

August 13, 2013

Since when do you make art?
Ever since I was a child I was interested in doing crafty things. I loved to paint, draw, sew and knit. I was always doodling at home and at school for which sometimes I got in trouble. It was never a conscious decision to make art, I just did it because it made me happy.

Tell about where you live and how it inspire your work?
I was born in Macedonia and I came to the U.S. when I was seventeen to study art and fashion design. I'm often inspired in my personal work by early memories of growing up in Macedonia...although those elements may appear subtle most times in my art. I like to think that my perspective was mostly changed if not my art in general. Since I also illustrate children's books I'm also inspired by things that I used to read and like as a child. I also like the Old World style of European décor, architecture, packaging and signage.
What does your friends think about your art?
The people that are close to me have been very supportive of me pursuing my dreams even though most of them are not artists. It is was very encouraging when I was younger to have friends that supported me when I didn't have the courage. 

Do you often design for t-shirts?
I currently have a shop on http://Society6/BiljanaKroll where I sell t-shirts, pillows and prints. I like creating designs that give back, so I've used the proceeds that I receive from selling t-shirts and prints on Society6 to aid various causes such as world hunger, animal welfare and habitat protection. It's a modest start but I'm hoping to dedicate more time to my shop after my graduate studies are done. 

Where would you go if I gave you 1 million dollars?  What would you do?
I always wanted to go to Paris, but I don't like traveling in general since I've done a good share of it and I find it exhausting. I feel most comfortable at home. There's some things that are better than lots of money. If I had a million dollars I would probably still do the things I love to do - draw and teach. I also would open a cat shelter for strays and would work on raising awareness about stray animals in general.  
Is there any other artist in your family?
Yes, my mom has a great sense of style although she's not an artist by profession, my grandma was an amazing seamstress and my brother is a car designer. He currently works for Mazda. 

What are your daily inspirations for art?
I'm addicted to Instagram and Pinterest. I like following other designers and artists and see what the trends of the moment are. I also collect lots of books old and new on art, design, calligraphy and fashion.

Do you apply the Carpe diem philosophy every day?
Yes, I really try to apply it everyday. That is not to say that I don't like some days just to lounge around. But lately I've been very busy and I see that as a blessing - something that I need to take advantage of while it lasts. 

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