Benjamin Bouchet, Meet the Rockstar!

August 08, 2013

What inspires you to draw?
>Anything ! A movie, a TV show, a gig... I am very much into popular culture.But internet more than anything. It’s an infinite source of amazement and there is something new and cool to find every second. It drives me crazy a little bit more every day btw.

Why does music influence you so much?
Because music produce some extreme and fascinating stuff. Some artists are icons, praised like divinities. It’s so excessive that it’s a constant source of inspiration for me.
If you could meet a famous dead rock star, who would it be?
He is not dead, I would love to meet David Bowie. I had the chance to see the exhibition dedicated to him in London, his artistic universe is so amazing. Otherwise, to answer your question: Kurt Kobain. I would like to show him how much and what he inspired me.
Do you make music? What do you play?
Very poorly. I played drums for a while but I am not very good at it. I kept the habit of hitting stuff to make noise all the time though.
Is there someone in the world you would really like to hang out with?
Jay-Z ! I would really like to be his bro, doing barbecues with Kayne, Justin, Dre...I am also very found of his wife but not for the same reasons.
What is the best artwork you ever made?
Hard to tell, really. I recently worked with EDF (major french electricity company) to do an animation movie. It was quite new to me and I loved this collaboration. Seeing my drawings getting animated was neat.
Would you prefer to be great singer or a great painter?
(Laughters) Very tough question !Maybe a great singer, because a rock star’s life must be so much cooler that a great painter’s one, and to be honest I think I would love being adulated by hordes of young ladies.
What are your favourites sites?
Lots of stupid tumblrs on which I loose hours of time, but are so much fun. I also spend a lot of time on sites like "ffffound" or "buamai" to seek inspiration and keep track of latest graphic trends.

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