Taisha Reed, The Vision of The Artist.

August 07, 2013


Have you been working in arts for a long time?


I started working as a Freelancer around April this year, after I’d graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne. My Creativity, on the other hand, began as soon as I could physically shape it; I would draw with charcoal from the fireplace, with spaghetti at meal-times, onto paper, the car-windows and into the mud outside. I’d get very frustrated as a child if I couldn’t create.


If you could choose any other job, what would it be?


A circus performer. In fact, I came very close to sacrificing my drawing for the thrill of being a professional Fire-Twirler. I used to train with Ruccis Circus. Moving to Adelaide I see less of that life-style but I still have no doubt I’ll wander down that particular path eventually.


What project are you working on right now?


At the moment I’m working on a Tattoo design and a few Web Decals. The wicked thing about commissions is you never know what format you’ll work in next. I get the chance to learn as I go.



Do you collaborate with other artists sometimes?


I rarely get the opportunity to work with other Illustrators/designers (besides assisting their classes) but I’ve done a couple collaborations in Uni and would be keen to do more. If it’s any consolation, the majority of the clients I work with are ‘Creatives’- simply artists from a different field of work looking for someone to hold a pen the right way up.


Tell us what made you choose to be an artist?


All through my childhood I was told I’d have a career as an Artist; I didn’t actually warm to the idea, however, until I stumbled upon a graffiti artist one night, spray-painting on a canvas in the middle of the street. I found out that he travelled the world selling his spray-paintings to roam from place to place. He was only in the city for about a week or so, just long enough to sell paintings and buy a plane ticket. After that I was hooked on the idea of having so much freedom- Were I to become good enough I could travel the world, sell my drawings to pay for transport, or settle down and offer a couple character sketches to conquer the mortgage. Either way, I wouldn’t have to be tied down to a full time job and I could do something I adore for a living.  It isn't all that easy though! You need to be hell-bent on succeeding or else the motivation dies with your expectations. I bought the spray-painting I saw that night, and it’s now hanging in my lounge room as a reminder.



What are your passions other then art?


Outside of the Art-world my attention surrounds Motorbike riding, Fire-twirling, Ukulele, Music and Conservation. Ultimately Learning is the biggest passion, as I spend more of my time teaching myself odd skills than I do practising what I’m good at. When I’m not working on a project you’ll find me in my herb garden.

Do you have any other artistic discipline that you practice?


I’ve been stubbornly honing my skills as a 3D modeller using Zbrush. I’m still yet to bring my abilities up to standard with my drawing but once I get there I want to be able to bring that third dimension to the characters I create. As ambitions go, I hope to one-day design, model and print commissioned characters in 3D. I also play drums and ukulele.



What are your inspirations?

I grew up in the Yarra Valley, Far East of Melbourne. I think exploring the moss-covered woodlands and building tree-huts made an incredible impact on my style and preferred subject matter. I will always strive to portray a connection to the earth as I find it the most beautiful and powerful thing one can ever hope to capture. My other inspirations are fantasy writers like Glenda Larke (imparting her unquestionable concept of bravery in characters), Xena, Yelawolf, Tarantino Movies and my odd entanglement of families I’ve adopted through out my life- such as my non-family/highschool-misfits, my best friend Olek, the Adelaide Rockabilly scene, my partner Nat and the ones who I rarely see because they live each day to the fullest- Davey Storm, Danni Denton and Wendy.

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