Enter the world of Yurex Omazkin

August 05, 2013


- tell us a bit about you

Mi name is Rodrigo Valle, I'm a Mexican freelancer illustrator and graphic designer.


 - what inspires you to make art?

It makes my none-sense life useful, I think. When I start to draw something, I'm always thinking how it has to look like at the end, it's a kind of ambition and lots of pressure, you just want to do something better, something really great and blow people's mind. 


- what project are you particularly proud of?

Well my draws are like my babies, but yes, there are some babies that I love less hah. For example, I like a lot "Día laboral", the "Rib Eye" comics, "Sound ambition" and so on 


- what kind of art is inspiring for you? 

that's difficult to answer, but there are certain subjects which I feel more attracted and therefore I use to admire the work based on those themes. Fear, madness, the absurd, comedy, etc. In the other hand I think that art is actually hard work, so hard workers are always inspiring (Virgil Finlay, Dalí, Hitchcock, F.Mercury, etc, etc...)



- If you could meet one famous artist, who would it be? 

most of them are dead haha, and in this days there's a lot too, more musicians than other disciplines.


- What kind of music do you listen while working?

well it depends of my mood, sometimes I need to chill so it could be dub, sometimes I need more action, and it could be death metal


- Do you have any other secret skills?

I don't know  º^P



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