Kalani Lindsey : Artist Interview

July 25, 2013

What made you decide to become an artist?
To put plainly cartoons!  I watched cartoons religiously growing up!  The ability to be able to illustrate my own adventures whether it be in space, in a boiling volcano pit, or in an arctic snow storm always appealed to me.  I drew my adventures to augment my imaginative universe with my toys!  Since then I have been drawing all of my life!  And still watching cartoons!  And I still play with toys!...eh hmmm...just for referencing purposes thou...yeah...reference.
Tell us what's a day in your life?
I viciously start my day off with Tony's frosted flakes because thats what champions, and tigers eat.  I am both.  After that off to work to create corporate graphics at the firm I currently on contract for.  After that the day is mine!  I normally attend life drawing sessions to sharpen my skills!  Eat a lot of fast food for sustenance, speed, and accuracy! And I cram a lot of movies and drawing in between the hours of 8pm and 3am in the morning! Then I sweep my tired bones into bed where I review other artists online until I fall into a deep slumber.  Then rinse and repeat for the next day. Oh yeah sprinkle showers into that too! I like showers!
What is the thing you do every day that makes you different?
I ride my motorcycle even when the percentage of rain is at 30%.  I live dangerously and can always be found walking the razors edge!  And  I eat chip ahoy cookies with my coffee for breakfast.  I think that gives me a real advantage against other creatives.  For one my cookies are not sticky from morning glazed donuts or bagels that are covered in creme cheese, in turn not messing up my mac keyboard!  Smart I know!  Garsh, I'm sort of a big deal!
Would go back in time or fly into future?
I would fly in both directions...I like flying...I would definitely want to do both! It would be cool to meet cowboys in the past and use the gunslinging ability that they would teach me in the future while driving a hover car!...
What kinds of food can you eat every day?
I love pizza! It completes me!  It makes me whole!
Is your art something you live from?
Definitely!  I can't live without it! That and air...and food eventually...and my mom!  Love yah MOM!

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