May 05, 2016


What are some techniques you use to create your art
I draw a sketch on a paper and scanned it to my computer. Simple as that. I've recently acquired an iPad Pro which has inspired me to sketch in totally new ways.
What kind of music inspires your work?
I've done my own Spotify playlists and during the spring I've added a lot of songs to a playlist called "Holding up balloon - 2016". You can find the list with my name from Spotify
Beside making art, what are you doing these days?
Beside art I love gardening. I have plant some violet and marigold seeds that I collected last summer. My funny obsession is to crochet colorful granny square. Twice a week I like going to gym that is a energizing way to start a working day. 
What advices would you give to young artists starting?
Walk your own path and do not copy. Drawing is unique like a singing voice. Everyone knows who is singing - Madonna or Beyoncé.  
If you had one person you could meet (dead or alive), Who would it be?
I would like to meet my grandpa who died when I was only one year old. I´ve heard some great stories about him and it would be awesome to meet him in real life.

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