Emily Rankin Interview

May 02, 2016

Do you create designs on a regular basis?
Art has been a constant in my life. I feel deeply called to create, and I do regularly draw, but I’ve only recently begun to share my work with others. 
What kind of music inspires your work?
Any kind! I have a form of synesthesia, which essentially means that multiple senses are perceived in response to a single stimulus. In my case, I can see color, texture, and patterns in music. Exploring those patterns and colors tends to help fuel my creativity and affects the form and content of my work.
Beside making art, what are you doing these days?
In addition to art and drawing, I work regularly as an actor and director for stage plays. I also write poems, short stories, essays, and, as part of my work with a large independent bookstore, book reviews. 
What advices would you give to young artists starting?
Don’t be discouraged if your art doesn’t match up to the vision you have for it. Your art will never be exactly the way you pictured it in your head, and that can be frustrating, but it can also be wonderful and surprising and lead you and your work in new, exciting directions. Explore those directions. Pry deeply into yourself and see what you find there.

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